So many members will determine the success of your fundraising campaign. Build a winning team and promotion to achieve the results within your community and in support of your fundraiser.

The team at Kids In Communities will lend their expertise for:

  • The Pre Plan and Launch of your fundraising campaign including parent letters, communications and faculty/admin/student involvement.
  • Student Kick-Offs or Assemblies
  • Seller Rewards/Thank You’s and Recognition Programs

Promotion Tips Include:

  • 1 Fundraise with a purpose. Set goals and communicate what the funds raised will be used for.
  • 2 Cause relation is important to “sell” to educators, coaches and volunteers. Add an element of social/educational value to help engage your community. Our team of experts can offer some great proven techniques.
  • 3 Volunteers are often scarce. Be sure to give each person a small but specific role in the fundraiser. Use our Checklist for optimum results and an EASY fundraiser.
  • 4 Involve students as leaders and champions of your fundraiser and allow them to help build your promotion/reward efforts with you. Build a SWAT team (Students Who Assist Teachers.) Remember Kids Care Week is the 3rd week in October!